What is the maximum age to purchase a life policy?

There are many misconceptions about what is the maximum age at which an individual can purchase a life and health insurance policy or about whether or not it is important to have one. This has the consequence that many people do not purchase a policy and are suspicious when they are offered an insurance plan.

The first thing we must bear in mind is that an insurance policy’s main objective is for the insured to feel «safe» and allow them to be calm and happy knowing that they and their family will be covered in any eventuality.

Age represents one of the most influential factors when calculating the cost of premiums or the cost of insurance. The older the policy applicant, the higher the cost of the policy is understood to be; this is due to the fact that for insurers a person after a certain age is already more prone to illnesses and therefore they have higher risks.

Is there a maximum age to take out a life policy?

As stipulated in the insurance law, there are some age limits to be able to purchase an insurance policy. Being reflected in this way.

Minimum age to take out a life insurance policy

Life insurance that contemplates death cannot cover a minor less than 14 years of age; unless, according to legal opinion, the death coverage policy is equal to or less than the premium paid for the amount of insurance. However, in terms of health policies, these can be purchased from the moment of the baby’s birth.

The minimum to take out insurance would be between 14 and 18 years old, depending on the insurance company. However, all conclude that it must be acquired by a direct relative or legal guardian of the minor.


The maximum age depends on the insurance company you choose, there are companies that set their maximum age at 65 years of age. However, there are others that you can even insure with 70 years or more; the cost of the premiums are higher and have certain conditions, but you will be safe and without any limitation when purchasing a policy…

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