Additional coverage’s that vehicle policies have

We have already indicated what are the characteristics and coverage that vehicle insurance has. However, these are not all that it offers; some insurers offer additional coverage that you can attach to the policy; Of course it is with an additional charge to the cost of the usual premium.

These additional coverage’s help to get out of extra expenses that at the time of an emergency are more expensive or we have no way of being able to quote other options due to it.

Additional coverage’s that can be attached to your conventional insurance policy.

Special team:

  • Special Equipment: This is responsible for covering the damage or loss of special equipment installed in the insured vehicle as a result of total theft.
  • Transportation Expenses for Total Loss: this covers the insured in the event that he is unable to move in his vehicle. The insurer will pay the insured the expenses in the way that the latter chooses, either the amount of the insured sum indicated on the title page of the policy, or the service of renting a compact sedan car of recent model.
  • Complementary Civil Liability Persons; This coverage protects the civil liability of the insured who, as a consequence of the use of the vehicle, causes damage to third parties in their property and/or bodily injury. It also covers death to third parties.
  • Auxiliary Protection; This covers the material damage suffered by the vehicle inside due to partial theft or glass breakage, as well as the payment of services and medical expenses to the occupants.
  • Aid for Total Losse;: This, through the replacement of the entire insured sum, covers the total loss or total theft of the insured automobile.
  • Automobile Accidents to the Driver; Covers the payment of compensation for death or loss of organs suffered by the driver of the insured vehicle due to an accident.
  • Adaptations, Conversions and Special Equipment; Material damage and total theft of accessories, adaptations and any additional equipment installed in the insured vehicle are covered here.

These are just some of the additional coverage’s that can be attached to a vehicle insurance policy. Always remember to contact your trusted insurance broker so that they can indicate the one that best suits your needs.

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