Importance of an insurance policy

Thinking about hiring an insurance policy is not necessarily thinking about death, on the contrary, it is thinking about life; how to stay protected and protect your relatives before any illness. This is one of the main characteristics by which a person acquires a health and life policy, whether personal or family.

We are all exposed to endless risks and diseases that can cause damage to health. That is why it would not hurt to inquire about what the best insurance policies are and above all, which is the one that best suits your needs and/or budget.

Importance of an insurance policy

An insurance policy is a guarantee that allows you to face some complicated circumstances with the greatest possible peace of mind and support. Its purpose is to cover contingencies that may arise related to illness, disability or death of a person. The coverage they have depends on the insurance company; however, the basic coverage of all life and health insurance policies is:

  • Death of the insured for any reason, your beneficiaries will receive the guaranteed capital. (Certain conditions may be exclusive)
  • Terminal disease.
  • Medical and psychological telephone counseling, 24-hour telephone medical advice.
  • Absolute and permanent disability, you will receive a capital equal to that contracted on death guarantee.
  • Funeral service, a set of funeral benefits and steps necessary to carry out the burial or cremation in the contracting location.

Although it may seem absurd and unintelligible, in most cases, it is common for people to ask you whether or not you have life insurance, and give you answers such as: why do I need life insurance? This usually happens especially if the person is single and has no one who depends on her.

Let’s be realistic, when you die or an accident occurs, the world does not stop, everything continues to flow just as it had been doing, among them, the debts. Therefore, in the event of disability or death, life insurance will provide you or your relatives with the peace of mind of covering your debts and hospitalization or death expenses.

Do you still think that life insurance is useless?

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