How to request a quote for an insurance policy?

How to request a quote for an insurance policy

An insurance policy is a tool designed to protect certain assets or financially secure the health and life of a person. A quote represents an economic proposal on the costs of life insurance according to its coverage; In other words, it is what tells you how much the policy will cost you.

The quote is the fundamental element between the insurer and the future insured; it allows them to become familiar with the basic concepts, costs, coverage so that you can choose the policy that best suits your needs and budget.

In general, many companies offer their quote service online; this allows users to calmly fill in the requested data and previously view the different policies that the insurer has, costs and coverage. However, you can also request a quote either by phone or by visiting one of their offices. Any budget granted is free of charge and without commitment; you can request several quotes in different companies in order to have several options and budgets.

At the time of attending or requesting by any means, either online or by telephone, the quote for an insurance policy, the insurance broker will request certain personal information that will help you choose and customize your policy according to what you need and your budget. Payment allows you.

Data to make a personalized insurance policy quote

  • Date of birth; this is one of the most relevant data, since it allows you to catalog the type of policy you need according to age risk. The older you are, the higher your risk of disease according to insurance statistics.
  • Gender
  • Place of residence
  • Smoking history
  • Habits and lifestyle
  • Hobbies
  • Family diseases that can be hereditary.
  • Types of sports you play
  • Family assets
  • Bank or personal debts
  • Mortgages, among other data.

Once you have obtained the quotes, you will be able to choose the company that best suits your budget and offers the policy that best suits your needs and those of your family.

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