6 Lies you’ve been told about insurance policies

Many people stop taking out a life policy because they get carried away by rumors or lies that people comment; these do not have good information or go through a bad experience tend to invent excuses for not continuing to hire the service. This usually happens when you do not have a good insurance company or reliable broker; bringing as a consequence a bad experience and bad comments, which in turn generate many doubts among the possible new insured.

However, we will tell you some of the 6 lies that have been told about insurance policies, which you surely thought were true…

6 Lies they’ve told About Insurance Policies

1.       Life insurance has no benefit, it simply takes money from you and it will be of no use when you die.

Many have been carried away by this false comment and have given up on purchasing personal or family life insurance; especially if the possible insured is a single person. Although it is true that if you die, you will not be able to benefit when collecting the policy, you must take into account the people you leave behind. A life insurance provides your family with an amount of money that will serve them and help for a time to calibrate the expenses which you were in charge of and you will no longer be able to. Also, for the most part, they have funeral expenses, which can be covered with them, without subtracting from the family or personal policy.

Life insurance is not only in case you die, but also when you have an accident. Insurance policies have disability coverage; This means that if for some reason or accident you are physically unable to work, you can collect your insurance policy and live on it. However, this will depend on the clauses and coverage indicated in your policy.

2.       The coverage’s are very limited

Many other people tend to believe that life insurance is only for death and disability; however they are wrong, this is one of the many lies they tend to believe. An insurance policy encompasses much more than that. Some of its other coverages include:

  • Professional therapy to contribute to the social integration of people with an acquired disability.
  • Psychological support for frontline family members in the event of death.
  • Coverage of funeral expenses.

3.      If you are single or live alone, you do not need an insurance policy, it would be money lost.

As indicated above, life insurance is not only for people with a large family group or married. Single people are also benefited in case of disability, or due to the unfortunate event of death, their relatives can cover funeral expenses, or leave a beneficiary covered; be it mother, father, any person or association to whom you want to leave the money from your insurance policy.

4.      If you request a loan from the bank, you will have to acquire an insurance policy in conjunction with the financial institution.

This is completely false, previously the client was forced to acquire a bank loan with the bank, he also had to acquire an insurance policy with the bank, it was called a mortgage insurance policy. However, thanks to the new mortgage law, this is no longer mandatory. The client will be able to apply for the bank loan and acquire his insurance policy with his trusted insurance broker company.

5.      To take out life insurance, you need to pass a series of rigorous physical and medical exams.

False, you only have to fill out a questionnaire; this will allow you to know the medical history of the future insured. The coverage will depend on the age and history of the same.

6.      If you exercise any activity or practice any risky sport they will not be able to insure you

It is not totally true, everything will depend on the company where the policy is purchased and the clauses that they have in their extensive coverage.

So you know, don’t get carried away by rumors and contact your trusted insurer, a life coverage plan will always be useful.


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